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Thread: Zodiac crypto messages

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    Default Zodiac crypto messages

    I understand that the last message from Zodiac was never solved. Has anyone taken a crack at it?

    Can someone also explain the methodolgy he used for the previous messages that WERE solved?

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    I haven't looked into the zodiac ciphers personally but in response to your inquiry I found a couple of sites that appear to be what you might be looking for.

    The Zodiac 340 Cipher Solved

    Zodiac Part II

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    Default news on the Z killer

    this guys name is, Guy Ward Hendrickson, and
    this womans father

    from what i watched and read in this story.
    i dont think there talking, about the same
    person, the police thought was the killer
    i couldnt find anything, about the guy, the
    police thought had done the killings.
    i thought the guys name was ray and died in 94, 95
    anyway to the point, this woman, thinks she
    can solve the cipher, that was never solved

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