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Thread: The Code Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinyintelligentmachine View Post
    Mine too - it is a series of 62 coloured pairs of platonic solids - which decodes using polybius to the message

    use pi to order your cards work together stack the slices create your prize

    On the front is a 7 digit number 4288109

    Is this the same as yours?
    Hi TIM,

    Yes, my card is the same, it decodes to the same message using polybius too.

    However, the 7 digit number on the front of my card is 1134999.

    The 3 nines are the first three nines of the series of six nines referred to as the Feynman point.
    See Feynman point - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Which means I have the 758th-764th digits of PI.


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    Default Same message, front number is 1793105

    Decrypted to the same message: "Use pi...".

    Mine is the same design on the front as https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/6415...p=2#gallery:44 but with the number 1793105.

    The string 1793105 occurs at position 438 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted where it is surrounded by:

    95309218611738193261 1793105 11854807446237996274

    and again at 3,675,364 where it is surrounded by:

    40981539444032775266 1793105 83211946626945986983

    and again (and I'm sure there are more) at 68,987,639 where it is surrounded by:

    77259781154298786586 1793105 48792116593456443683

    Thanks to The Pi-Search Page

    What's next?

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    Watched the program last night - was the usual science documentary dumbed down nonsense, and the clues were trivial. Also the games to get more clues are tiresome and childish. And the puzzle to get more clues wasn't properly worded - but was still easy. So looks as if everyone will have the first level sorted out easily. And as for collecting pictures of primes...jeez. The puzzle authors have indicated that it will get harder and perhaps were a bit surprised by how critical parts of the community was. We'll see - the prize is a large geometric lump of metal - not sure I'll make much effort on this one unless it gets a lot more challenging.

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    Hi all - I'm one of the people who's been working on The Code treasure hunt, and I thought you might like to know that we've entered the 'Ultimate Challenge' phase of the treasure hunt, which I can promise you is a *lot* more challenging. It's an 84 page book of puzzles from relatively straightforward ones to very tricky ones, and of course there are multiple levels involved. Here are a couple of screenshots:

    The puzzles were created by some of the former Perplex City treasure hunt people, including Eric Harshbarger, who's quite a veteran at this.

    You can get the Ultimate Challenge book as a PDF (for free) at BBC - The Code - The Ultimate Challenge ; you'll need the three Codebreaker passwords but I'm sure that won't be too difficult for you guys...

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