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Thread: Hilton of Cadbol - 800 A.D. puzzle in real life

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    Default Hilton of Cadbol - 800 A.D. puzzle in real life

    I just came across a website intended to enlist gamers in reassembling a Celtic (Pictish) stone carving that was chipped to smithereens in the 17th Century. The carving had fallen over, so the side on the ground was preserved, giving us a sense of the style and patterns on the lost carving. The side facing up was re-carved with "a crappy coat of arms," as one website puts it, and the chipped-off pieces scattered on the ground. Someone recently scanned all the recoverable fragments in an MRI and images of the 3D fragments were loaded to a website where archaeologists hoped gamers would help to match up the pieces.

    Having worked with the website for half an hour, my guess is that the technology is too slow to hold the interest of gamers. But people who like to solve puzzles might find it intriguing! As far as I know, the only prize would be the good feeling that comes from restoring part of the world's cultural heritage. Or maybe Rose Leslie will shake your hand.

    Here are some links with background and an image of the side that was not destroyed. (The photo is of a replica, but is easier to see than the original, which is now in the National Museum of Scotland.)

    The History Blog Blog Archive Gamers enlisted to put Pictish slab back together


    This is the site that allows you to participate in playing with the fragments:
    3dei: Hilton of Cadboll Stone: Glenmorangie

    I couldn't get the two-minute intro video to work, but found something online through googling. But I learned more by diving in and experimenting. "Load" fragments from the menu on the left side. To work with a fragment, click on it and a blue ring appears. You can click and drag to move a piece on the work surface or rotate it using the blue ring (I found this slow and only partially effective). If you don't want to work on a fragment any longer, click on it, then click on the trash can to send it back to the archive.


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    Very interesting - thanks for the link!

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