I know that this has been brought up once or twice on here, but I finally managed to snag a copy of "The Money Hunt"...a $1,000,000 puzzle/treasure hunt from the 80's. Here's a little info:


I had this thing when I was a kid, back in 1984 or 1985 I believe. It comes with a map of North America, a jigsaw puzzle with a poem and clues on it, and a book of illustrations (black and white drawings, VERY much like the ones in the book "The Golden Apple Tale") that include things like a crossword puzzle, random letters or words or numbers everywhere, etc.
Hidden in all of this stuff was the answer to where this treasure was supposedly hidden. Each book had three entry forms, and if you wrote in with the correct location, you won the $1,000,000.
I don't think anyone ever won this. All I can seem to find online about this contest is that there was some lawsuit that happened between the game company and someone else who claims they stole the idea from them.
I would absolutely LOVE to solve this damn thing, or even to just know the solution or how to solve it.
Is anyone on here familiar with this puzzle??? If not, I would be more than happy to mail it to someone who could scan it and upload it so that everyone could work on it and see what we could come up with, if people are craving an unsolved puzzle.
Unsolved contests like this drive me crazy. And this one has ties to my childhood, so I would like some sort of closure on this.