Kodewords Kards is a free treasure puzzle-hunt to be released in late November 2019. It should be a good challenge for those of you who like cipher puzzles, and there will be prizes. A teaser puzzle is available now

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The puzzle will be released as a custom deck of "kards". The deck hides a number of Kodewords that must be discovered. Two cash prizes of $500 each are up for grabs. Both prizes may be won by the same person or they may be won by different people.

Ways to participate:
1. Win a free deck by being one of the first 25 people to solve the teaser puzzle (now available).
Free decks will be mailed in late November with a target arrival date of November 26th (to USA residents only).
2. Print your own deck at home from a PDF to be released on or before November 27th.
3. The UK-based Armchair Treasure Hunt Club will also have a limited number of decks to distribute to UK club members.

More details (plus links to the Facebook group) can be found at the discussion forum linked above.

Also, "The teaser puzzle is different from the main Kodewords Kards in nearly every way, except that both involve puzzles and ciphers." I've solved it, and so have a dozen other people, but there is still time to give it a try yourself and earn a free hard-copy of the deck.