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Thread: Errors, News, and Tokens Found

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    Default Every second of my 15 minutes ...

    My 15 minutes of fame happened yesterday. No National media, but still What a ride!
    Front page of the Boston Globe, and a nice interview on the local NPR station with MS on the phone, then the TV networks started calling. When I woke up, I had no clue that TV would be interested, but By the end of the day, I'd done interviews with 4 different networks. My head was spinning.

    There's been an interesting spin battle behind the scenes between ATT publicity and the publicity at my university. ATT wanted to spin this as a family/best friend story, my university wanted it to be a science story. In reality it is both, but the media need to be spoonfed, so you have to tell it one way or the other.

    The Globe article was definitely "science" focused, although MS couldn't resist taking a few shots to bring the story back to where he wanted it.

    I DO think that I could have solved this with pencil and paper, but I might well have never gotten thru my other "dead end" strategies without the computer help. I also think that the 2-D to 3-D transformation was well beyond what a kid could have done, although some other puzzles I think were accessible to teenagers at least.

    And no one can really believe that you didn't need pencil or paper!

    - my 15 minutes is now up!

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    Fantastic Globe article Badger, I think Bronte posted the online link yesterday. Cool that you got to do an NPR interview also-- if only they could have worked in Click & Clack over in Cambridge somehow...
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    Badger, congrats on it all from another Mudder.

    HMC Class of '77

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