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Thread: NEWS - NEW Clues from Mike 12/07/2009

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    So I haven't picked up the book in about 10 mos. I held on way too long as it was but never-the-less, I wanted to see it solved and still do.

    I read the "new clues" from Mike and found myself dragging out my box-load of books,notes and years of sometimes insanely frustrating work. The more I thought about the new clues and looked over the book, my old notes, and tried to make sense of this new revelation-the more pissed off I became.

    I can't really understand why Mike waits until what?-3 weeks before the end date? to drop some new clues. I understand that without Kevin, he most likely wouldn't have ever given us a bone. Seems to me-that Mike could care less about his "readers" or what was once thousands who were loyally trying to solve his puzzles. I think we were left in the lurch long ago.

    For the record-I stopped caring about the prizes ages ago when the whole thing was going to pot but I never really stopped needing the solve. That goes for clues 3 & 4 also.

    I guess that I sound bitter but as far as I feel about Mike and his new "clues" it's just a bit too cryptic and a bit too late.


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    I think we have over thought this:

    Ground will shake = Handwork Gullies

    I've often thought about folding the pages to point to letters.

    Also there are too many symbols in the HBC which means that depending on the method used to solve that symbol it could represent a letter similar to a letter determined by a different method or Spell.

    So Chant Spells could reveal 26 letters and so could Eclipse spells. In the end we need to get 26 letters as the Key to the puzzle.

    This may be over but until it's solved I will continue to work on it off and on.

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    I have been a lurker for some years now. I have googled and read all that there is on the backup forum and here at Twelve.com. Can somebody please explain to me what happened with the bankruptcy thing? Do we know?

    I have spent my time on both books and never figured out one freaking clue. I'm just not smart enough I guess. I don't care, it's fun being on the forum and trying to understand everyone's clues/guesses.

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    I just posted something that should answer your question. Look at the other thread about the new clues.

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