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Thread: Yorah -> New York, Interlaken, Americana

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    Default Yorah -> New York, Interlaken, Americana

    I've been mulling this over in my mind for many weeks now and just not making anything of it, so I thought I'd throw it out in the community think-tank.

    The first thing that struck me about this picture was Yorah's fingers that are holding Pook. I just thought they looked strange... they immediately caused me to think of the Finger Lakes region of NY.

    Looking for something that confirms NY, this picture could be said to represent the "new" Yorah... who has been rejuvenated by the rain. Thus, she is the New Yorah Oak.... New York, if you slur it together.

    I went to a map of New York and looked around the Finger Lakes region, and was shocked when I found a town called, Interlaken.... Yorah's fingers are 'interlocking' in the picture.

    From here, I've been researching the town to see what's there. I'm convinced that, "It felt like old times" is a clue. The only thing I found that was somewhat relevant to that line was The Americana Winery. I looked up the term 'americana' in the Oxford American Dictionary for an exact definition: books, memorabilia, etc., relating to American, esp. to U.S. history.

    That's as far as I've gotten. Probably wouldn't ever be able to make it up to that area, so hopefully someone else will. If someone does find a token there, feel free to recognize or compensate me as you see fit! For any of you that read my post re: page 41, I used very similar logic here on this page, as well. If someone does go check this out, please let us know what you found!

    (I'm thinking, maybe, that this is the location of the Pook jewel? Since New Yorah Oak's interlocking fingers are holding him in the picture? Just a guess.)

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    Hey Jen -
    Welcome to this crazy site. having read volumes and volumes of posts, it's refreshing to read somebody who is truly trying for the big picture, so to speak. Psych vs. math majors - ought to be an interesting race! Keep posting, please!

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