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Thread: Observations

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    Default Observations

    I continue to study this page and have made some observations that may light a spark to someone.
    1) Most of the fairies have at least one, if not both hands hidden.
    2) The two fairies that are positioned in the bottom left corner both have a hand hidden and seem to be inspecting the acorn with their eyes closed.
    3) In the tree in the lower left corner, out of frame border, there is what seems to me to be a man's face or profile...it's just under the branch that juts off to the left of the main branch.
    4) Closed eyes, Yorah's bad eyesight and so much emphasis on eyes and the moon make me think that several hints are tied to the "Moon alphabet"...for instance in the tree behind Pook and Ana there are what appear to be eyes of the tree, I see 4 total...These look amazingly close to symbols used in the Moon alphabet...May be something to this, not sure! Tell me what you think. Link to Moon alphabet below.


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    I just noticed that the dandelion in the bottom right hand corner is casting a shadow on the fairy behind it. According to the shadow, it looks to be about 1:00 in the afternoon.
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