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Thread: why do some fairies not have wings on p. 36?

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    Default why do some fairies not have wings on p. 36?

    I've been studying p. 36 too, because I think the fairies are pretty important. As everybody knows, Zac finds the jewels by looking at "things he's never seen before"--I guess that's the fairies. The fairies are "signing" on p. 36. And we all know that in "the Dream" it looks like "the knotholes in the trees" are "singing". Okay, the fairies on p. 36 in the middle of the leaves and acorns are *signing*, and I know a lot of you are studying that very thing just like I am. I've been noticing the fairies' fingers on p. 36, I think they're assigning certain numbers to certain things like dandelion seed directions and leaf colors. And I see the previous post here on the fairies making words, that seems like a good idea too.

    Anyway what I'm wondering about now, is why do some of the fairies on p. 36 not have wings? There is room in the picture to have wings on some of them but they do not. Does this mean they are halfings? Come to think of it, the fairy on the bottom left of p. 101 does not have wings either. is she a halfing too? That part of "the Dream" that refers to the singing coming from the knotholes in the trees...I know about the obvious knotholes in the trees where the tokens have been found, but do you think it could also be referring to the "signing" coming from from these "halflings" in the trees?

    And that part of the poem is in hidden writing on a tree, "The secret is not half but it is not whole". Could it be somehow referring in part to these other "halflings" in the trees?

    Couldn't resist throwing this in here--it will either help clear things up, or add to everyone's confusion.

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    It looks as though there may be some cursive writing on the wings of the two fairies in the upper left corner. So much going on on this page, there must be something there.


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