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Thread: Mate on page 13

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    Default Mate on page 13

    Does anyone have a clue as to why the 12th face has been removed from the picture of Yorah on page 13? There are 11 faces of Yorah on page 13 but 12 faces of Yorah on page 46... Denise
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    Default Correction

    Denise, sorry to be a nitpicker, but there are only 10 faces on the Yorah tree on p. 13. Both the darkened limb on the right side of p.46, as well as the limb in the upper right-hand corner have been edited out. Not sure what this means. I am still fascinated by how the eyes of the knothole faces sort of make the letter "Q" -- and how the crow's feet of those eyes seem to form very straight lines. Kept thinking that this means we need to draw lines from the eyes to letters in the border text, but so far that hasn't yielded anything useful to me.

    What could those missing limbs mean?

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    I've been working on this picture for awhile now...not sure exactly what i'm working towards, but i think that Yorah is central to the puzzles....

    I noticed as well that on page 46 Yorah has an extra limb with a face on it jutting out to her right. It also looks as though there is a leaf with background green behind it that make the shape of a token hanging off the end of this exttra limb. Again, could be just my eyes, but that's what i see.

    Finally, i don't think those are crows feet by Yorah's eyes...they're very small eyeglasses. Again, that's what i see...still don't know what to make of any of it.

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