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    Default Door

    One thing that caught my eye on this page (which may not have a meaning whatsoever) is the doorknob on the door is opposite of standard. As it is in the illustration, you are inside looking out...

    EDITED---Nevermind......I saw something I wanted to see on that page but the door does open standard. My eyes are playing tricks on me but something is not right with that door....

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    I think what bothers me about that door is the fact that it appears to open to allow the user to walk ont a stair case. Here in Louisiana we flood A LOT and to counteract having to pay for new carpeting when the northerners are done with thier snow, we build our homes on stils with stair cases on the outside to get to the front door. I find it odd to have a stair case have its own door, unless they Yorah is hollowed out, but then there'd be no reason to have the treehouse in her topmost branches. Or so I think.

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