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Thread: Mirror Images

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    Default Mirror Images

    Hi there...here goes my first post. I've been lurking a long time.

    Couldn't sleep tonight. This tree kept telling me that I should DO something with it. Well, you see the two holes a little over halfway up? (right right one is dark and the left is light) - well I 'photoshopped' the page, mirroring it so the two holes lined up. Interestingly, the negative space above the door makes a perfect APPLE. When you do it the opposite way, an arrow pointing upwards is formed at the top of the page and two of the leaves become something that looks like fairies.

    Any thoughts?

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    Wish I understood your method, tkalpha. I tried a few things, but couldn't get any apples to pop out of the page. What do you mean by "mirroring"? Folding the page, Mad-magazine style? Using an actual mirror? Cutting and pasting? Or doing something fancy with Photoshop?

    If it's anything that involves multiple layers and complicated manipulation via Photoshop, I'm skeptical. I don't think any of the "arts & crafts" puzzles in the book will be solved with a method any more complicated than folding or using a pair of kitchen sissors.

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