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Thread: Does this spark any new ideas?

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    Default Does this spark any new ideas?

    I am continuing to use symbolism when looking at the pictures, if any of you have seen my other posts... this will be similar.

    I believe that Zac and Ana's home in the oak tree is representative of Oklahoma (oak and home). Looking at a map of Oklahoma, in the southeast part of the state, there is an area called Winding Stair. What is on Yorah? A winding staircase.

    I had spent a significant amount of time learning more about this area but just couldn't make any headway on something that really "spoke" to me. There are lots of trees and parks in the area, so I know we need more information.

    Other helpful lines, in my opinion, are those relating to how the parts of the house were connected by bridges and were "perched like nests" in the tree.

    [Other thoughts I had and discarded, with regard to this picture, were the town of Ringwood, OK (the stairs ring the oak (wood)) and Broken Bow lake... Zac talked about how they needed to find a fallen tree or a limb broken from the trunk or something to that effect somewhere else in the book.]

    Don't know what token this all may be referring to, if it is remotely accurate. Let me know if anyone checks this out or if this helps anyone else's thinking! Again, I am definitely open to recognition or compensation for my hard, laborious, mentally-taxing efforts on this hunt.

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    Default Winding Stair NRA

    I like your line of thinking, Jen. When I did some research on Winding Stair, I found a few things that might fit. There's a scenic drive through Winding Mountain National Recreation Area in Oklahoma called Talimena Scenic Drive. It follows a ridgeline in the Ouachita National Forest and has many overlooks, including one called the Emerald Vista Overlook and another called Acorn Vista. The forest has lots of oaks and there's an arboretum within the recreation area as well as campgrounds, accessible picnic areas, an old military road, and a Rich Mountain. Also, it's near the town of Polk (not Pook, but close....) and Robbers Cave State Park (Rusful was a robber). Interesting word associations!

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