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Thread: "Out the sanctuary" anagrams for specific NYC loca

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    Default "Out the sanctuary" anagrams for specific NYC loca

    "Out the sanctuary" anagrams to "statue author NYC," in an approach consistent with the "Hint: tackle repositorys" clue.


    The above link shows a photo of a statue of Hans Christian Anderson in NYC.

    Barring that, there are statues of Shakespeare and other authors (and non-authors) at the "Literary Walk" in Central Park. Thousands pass by these places every day.

    I'd be grateful for reports from anyone who investigates.

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    Awhile ago, I anagrammed something ( I forget what page) that came out to "on his toes" or "at his toes" or something like that. So people, don't forget to look at the feet!

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    Although I have other Ideas about NYC.. Hans has crossed my mind mainly because he wrote for children.. I am heading into the park soon ( within the week) and will keep you posted about my finds or should I say no finds... but do not hold your breath I really do not think that Hans will produce anything esp near his toes.. lol .. Denise
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    in line with that, i've noticed that a lot of the references to pook put him at the foot....Zac's foot, the foot of the bed....reaching???? i dunno.

    good luck, denise, hope you're onto something big.

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    Great find!! I do not think this is in reference to Hans, though I could be totally wrong. Shakespeare seems to tie in more with some other clues I already had.

    "Shakespeare" does anagram into some interesting things:
    hes a speaker
    seek a phrase
    keeps a share

    I must say that I do not believe that one anagram alone is going to narrow it down to a specific place. Very possibly a general area. But I wouldn't go running down to the Literary Walk checking all the statues' toes. What I've found in this treasure hunt so far is that one clue leads to another and then that one to another and maybe even another, until you eventually have the final clue. Where to stop depends on whether or not you even get the story. And then you'll find that the original clue and its location had nothing to do with the final clue and its location. Just my experience so far. Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for this very valuable clue.

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