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Thread: Number 25

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    Default Number 25

    There have been several posts about various letters and numbers spotted on page 55. I was looking at it late last night and realized that the number "25" appears lots of times. Take the book and turn it so the spine is towards you. Follow the skinny brown border that defines the word area til it meets the thicker text border. About a quarter of an inch beyond that is a "25". Keep the book facing the same way and look at the spine edge border. The first "25" is about a quarter inch from the bottom of the book. The next one is about an inch and a quarter from the first one. Continue going up this edge and you will see three more close to the spine. The next one is at the middle of the border on the brown edge. There are three more but they are closer to the top side of the book, still on that spine border. They are more in the middle of the border. That's ten "25's". We know this is a cut and paste picture so these numbers may just be an accident. But, perhaps it was meant to show the importance of the 5 x 5 square. Or, maybe it refers to the twenty-five boxes that Zac fills after his dream and we need to figure out what he put in them. After all they were twenty-five things he had never seen before. I'm thinking we're supposed to read the book and and see things we missed. The pictures give us clues and we have found a great many of them, but the means to decipher the clues are in the text. I don't know. Just an idea. What do you think?

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    I see what you are seeing but the outer edges of this page are small cut outs of the large image in the middle. What you are seeing is the same image over and over.

    ok.. I can see I won't get anything done until 2007!

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    Default 25 or 57

    Is is just me or when you turn the book around the number looks like 57?

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