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Thread: NY CITY

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    Default NY CITY

    I see NY City in the margin. The easiest letter in CITY to see is the Y, which is about 2.5 inches long (and skinny, about 1/4 inch wide) in the left-hand border collage, at about the middle of the page. The top of the Y is level with the top of the large bat wing and the bottom of the T-Drop cap square. The bottom of the Y is level with the word RAIN in the text. You can see the T in CITY --the bottom of the T ends about a half inch above the top of the Y and is about an inch long. From the top of the T go up another half inch to see the bottom of the I--it is shifted to the left, close to the binding and is about an inch long. Go up another half inch from the top of the I and you can see the C--it's also about an inch long. The top of the C begins about an inch below the top of the outside brown border margin. On the right side collage, the N and Y are located in the middle of the L in Rusful. The Y is dark and the N is light. The Y is directly on top of the N.

    Under CITY on the left, and NY on the right, there appear to be words that are much more difficult to make out.

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    Good job - that was really, really tough to spot! I see what you mean
    about possible additional words - bears further investigation.

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    Default Good Luck

    Any ideas where to look in NY City?

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