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Thread: Unassembled? GIGO.

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    That's ok... I'll balance your Pickensrooter with a Flower Fairy...

    I put the puzzle together myself last week. If anyone wants to see it, email me (click on the button at the bottom of my post).

    I outlined each letter in white.

    "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." (Henry David Thoreau)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddpepper
    ... i tried the other piece that looks the same -- it's exactly the same! so we have two puzzle pieces exactly the same that don't fit in the puzzle. what this means, i don't have a clue. there has to be something to it!
    When I was a kid I used to get puzzles from the Salvation Army because they were cheap and even I could buy them. Most companies, espically cheap ones, use the same pattern for puzzles thus I'd get extra puzzle pieces when I was done that could be interchanged with the main puzzle. This lead me to conclude that there is another puzzle here.

    Combine this with someone mentioning that MS asked them if the had cut up thier books yet and I think its imperativ that you cut up the book and flip it over to see if the text reveals anything.

    I'm pretty hesitant, but eventually I'm gonna have a surplus of tape and be really bored at work and then....snip snip snip

    ALSO, something that really get under my skin on this one is that the ribbon on the drastically different piece seems to be on top of the puzzle and not in the picture. There is no break in the ribbon as if it were in the puzzle's face. Don't have a clue what it means, maybe that the other on has to replace it so there is a break in the puzzle so when you flip the page you get the right answer.

    I hate to think MS would want us to cut up a book, but I got to know, my psyce wont let me sleep, like that kenneth Branna (spelling) movie where he is reincarnated and has scissor nightmares...
    Ok I'll stop now

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    Gotta luv your avitar!!...... but then....... look at me hahahaha

    I would be interested in seeing your finished project... that is the "other side" of your puzzle cut and tape!

    New idea.... that is for sure!! Maybe it will give us the Code of Numbers???
    The only token I found was SQUAT!!!

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