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Thread: Stems wrapping around borders

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    hunnytree...I just saw your comment about the hummingbirds. That is very interesting since the majority of my park info came from p.41 -- since the humbird wasn't in my park, I turned my attention to Pook ...

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    I'll agree that the drop cap on page 69 is for the beetle.

    However the beetle puzzle may be in the blocks on page 63.

    If that's the case, the vine twists might be for another token.

    Maybe the drop cap on page 78 is associated with the vine twists puzzle?

    Anyway, I drove to Annadel because the drop cap on page 78 appeared to be the most relevant to the free area of the park, irregardless of what the token may have been. I wanted to check it out.

    - Mark
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    okay, let me see if I have got this right (because it would come as no great surprise if I were totally off on all of it)

    Page 63 with all the alphabet blocks has a Beetle drawing on one of the woodgrains of a block and that is why we are calling this a "Beetle" page???

    Page 69 with all of the twisting vines has a Beetle silhouette just to the left of the capital T dropcap and so that is why we are calling this the other "Beetle" page???

    Page 78 with the blue border and jumble of cursive-writing-like scribbles all around it and a giant serpent... what creature DOES this page go with? Hunnytree, ever since you mentioned hummingbirds on this page that is all I can see there. Isn't that funny!?!?! Probably if you would have said butterflies or ants or polka-dot winged tortoises I would be seeing them all over the place too... Crazy... I'm tellin' ya, that's just how silly-crazy things are lately! Wait a minute what am I doing here... I was on my way to the woodgrains thread... *babble, babble, drool, drool, drool...*

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