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Thread: Song Meaning

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    Default Song Meaning

    I buy the concept that"moon like, moon like." Anagrams into LOOK IN ME, and using the other amount of letters, but to me for a guy that spent 20+ years writing and revising this book, that's pretty lame. Also, why choose such crazy words that don't seem to present a compatible flow.
    I think it's a riddle although I can't figure it out!
    Here's what I got:
    moon like, moon like. = c, c = to see
    dreamer = ?zz = double z =? double the
    one on ending = period OR suffix OR dot..because there is 1 dot on ending
    I cause= eye ??to be
    your puzzling= ???WHO KNOWS?? = ? U R puzzle in G?

    which made me thin maybe its some sort of musical code, because they are after all "singing"

    So, that gives us: to see. Double the Period. eye to be U R puzzl in G (Major or Minor)???

    Obviously it doesn't make sense but maybe someone could help, plus I know nothing about music, so Any musicians out there???

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    Hmm .. I think having to be able to read music would qualify as "special knowledge", dont you, and the author says in interviews as well as right in the preface of the book, that no special knowledge is needed. Although I maintain that not everyone is gifted with the ability to see things in patterns, logic itself is not really special knowledge and even if I never solve the clues, when someone else does or no ones does and Stadther has to come clean, I wouldnt be surprised if I find out the answers were SO much simpler than everyone has been making them, and probably right under our noses. I bet we are over analyzing everything, and that is why the whole thing is so FRUSTRATING. **sigh**

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