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Thread: 17 Chapters = 17 Colored Boxes

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    Default 17 Chapters = 17 Colored Boxes

    I believe that there is one 5x5 grid for all the puzzles.

    My theory is is derived from my consideration of page 66 and the 5 dots that seem to comprise a messages. I was unable to place the alphabet consecutively in a 5x5 box so that an "E" and and "A" (which I belive are in this message) can be represented. I placed the dots around the 5x5 square as represented in ascending order from the bottom of the page.

    Believing there is one way to place the alphabet in the 5x5 grid (which, of course, is still speculation) I am looking for clues about placing the letters.

    I noticed that after 17 chapters, there are seventeen colored squares in the grid on page 86. I suspect the black squares represent the letters for which clues have not been provided. I am now looking for one clue per chapter that help place a letter.

    Just throwing this out there...

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    It might be of some help to you to point out that the grid on page 86 matches the grid on page 16. So, you would be able to find the colors needed (those in the blacked out squares) to complete the solution for the puzzle on page 86...


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    I like that you pointed that out, KG. It clears up some questions I'd been thinking over. It's always more obvious in hindsight.

    Here's some more about the page 86 grille matrix as it applies to pages 20/21:

    On page 20 the color black is used in the text. Then, on page 21, we get black, green, black, green, in that order. However, on page 21, the word "FIRST" is used. That is a clue by itself, so there are two clues here.

    1) the full color sequence in the text is black, black, green, black, green. That tells us we have to use the 'grille' matrix on page 86, because it matches the top row of colors on the page 86 matrix (in reverse--you have to refer to page 16 to see that the upper left-hand square is green; reversed because the knot puzzle on pages 20/21 is a mirror puzzle).

    It is a 'grille' because you have to cut out those black sections and place it over the 5x5 on page 20. Then, 8 holes from the under matrix will show.

    2) Next, starting from the 'First' on page 21, you rotate the top grille 180 degrees, FIRST in the direction indicated by black, then in the opposite direction indicated by green, then back and forth again, a total of 4 times for 32 squares uncovered by the grille.

    For color directions, look in the four corners closely on pages 20 and 21. There is a tiny arrow that points to the direction the color indicates. I will tell you that Blue is North and Yellow is South (not reversed in a mirror).

    If it helps, page 88 also harkens back to pages 20/21. This is because 20/21 contains more than one puzzle (my opinion).


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