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Thread: The Green Tree

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    Default The Green Tree

    I was examining page 86 and noticed something a little strange. If you follow along the bottom of the page and look at the blue patch between the trunks of the two trees, you will see what looks like green dust. It doesn't seem to fit anything on the page. I then went searching through the other pictures of the book to see if this could be an artifact from a cut and paste. If you look at page 20, you will find the same tree, only a tiny bit smaller. The green dust on 86 is left over dust from Rustful's dust on page 20.

    I went looking through the forum and found someone mentioned this fact that the trees are the same last month. I was wondering if anyone had tried scanning page 20 and 86. Size the tree's to match and then overlay them together.

    Happy Hunting!

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    good idea

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    Cool find, stewarg.

    Will be interesting to see if anything more shows up with the overlays.
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