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Thread: Volcanic Area?

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    Default Volcanic Area?

    Maybe I am seeing things, But it looks to me like the Faerie is sitting on top of a volcano with lava flows and wings look like smoke. The text refers to the forest dying, boiling clouds filling the sky, no rain falling from those clouds, Zac going to a grassy area that was spared...a Kipuka?

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    Plus everything the dark dust touches hardens like "cold, black glass" - obsidian. Except for the creatures.

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    Was delighted to see your posts. I happened to be listening to the audio CD....very beneficial thing to do I might add....gets you OUT of the images and INTO the STORY....and hearing things that catch your attention.

    Last nite what struck me were the references that clearly sound "volcanic" in nature.

    I know there are many areas in the USA that can boast findings of obsidian...one example occurs to me, "apache tears" in Arizona and New Mexico for instance.


    HOWEVER, being an Oregonian, I also know that Oregon has some incredible lava flows that I have SEEN with my own eyes,,,and at one, the largest area of obsidian in the USA can be found. I invite you to check this out:


    Of particular note...the following paragraph:

    Within the monument near Paulina Lake is the nation's biggest flow of obsidian, 142 million cubic metres of the volcanic black glass once prized by Indians for knives and arrowheads.
    Newberry National Volcanic Monument, anyone ??

    Now if we are looking for "sulfur" and "obsidian" .... in the same proximity .... what about Yellowstone National Park ?

    One formidable spot, known as Obsidian Cliff:


    But THIS Obsidian Pool in Yellowstone National Park looks downright sulfurous:


    A brief history of Obsidian Pool

    The sides of the pool piled high with course obsidian sand and elemental sulfur.
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