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Thread: The Group

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    Default The Group

    I do believe the grouping of the forest creatures in ladybug's plans is important. They are broken into 6 groups when they leave.

    There was a posting somewhere (can't remember off hand) which referenced the box Zac finds after his dream. The poster indicated that it was described as a box with smaller boxes inside five to a side and that it actually could mean that there were only five boxes inside to one side.

    If you follow that train of thought, then perhaps there are only 6 sections in the box that Zac filled. This could mean that the information he put in the box is about the 6 "groups".

    So just because there have been no post so and the Chapter for The Ladybugs Plan is short doesn't mean it might not be one of the most important PLANS for solving the puzzles!

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    I think the term "the Group" is also important

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