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Thread: Text Thoughts and Questions

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    Default Text Thoughts and Questions

    In re-reading this text, I have unanswered questions that I would appreciate forum comments about.
    Chp 6 pg 32

    Before Zac and Pook had reached the bottom of the ridge, the Forest Creatures were back at the Linden stump, milling around, confused. A human caring for a tree is not what they expected. Ladybug flew to the platform atop the trunk. She gripped the mushroom podium. She spoke sternly. "Well, now! Don't you all feel foolish?"

    QUESTION: Why do they all feel foolish? What did they do?

    Everyone was silent.

    QUESTION: Why did MS choose to make this a very simple one sentence paragraph?

    "It's Spider's fault!" blurted Firefly who slipped behind Bee, trying to avoid an angry stare from several of Spider's eyes.

    QUESTION: What is Spider's fault?

    Ladybug politely cleared her throat. She knew she had a tendency to scold. She wanted to be firm but polite. So she spoke slowly and calmly to the 'group' (as she called them). She reminded everyone that Dragonfly was good and brave. And that Spider was awfully cunning. And that they couldn't have come this far without everyone's help. But, she suggested, they must devise a new plan.

    QUESTION: Does it read to anyone else that Ladybug is giving an "eulogy" about Dragonfly? Is this why she becomes the new 'group' leader, though no vote was taken? Why does she remind everyone that Spider was awfully cunning?
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    I think they are ashamed because they were going to attack Zac. On page 27, they are making plans to attack (having dismissed Butterfly's non-violent plan). Then they see that Zac isn't bad, in fact, he is caring for the tree.

    * Therefore, ladybug thinks they feel foolish for almost attacking someone who means to help the forest, not hurt it.

    * It's spider and dragonfly's fault because they created the attack plan without listening to other possible options. Spider is rather bloodthirsty, after all.

    * I don't really read it as a eulogy - I just took it to mean that the creatures had switched to a non-violent plan, and therefore, a non-violent leader. Ladybug says nice things about dragonfly and spider to smooth the waters after Spider's "angry stare" - it's diplomatic. A eulogy is an interesting thought, in a way, but the dragonfly carries the spider at the end of the chapter, so....

    Now, as for the simple, one-sentence paragraph - I have no clue!

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    Default DRAGONFLY

    The dragonfly didn't trust the spider and wouldn't turn his back on her page 23. Why would he carry the spider?

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    I agree with your literal "story/fairy tale" interpreations but thinking more abstractly - perhaps Spider being clever refers to the extremely challenging celtic knots. I just hope that "Don't you all feel foolish?" won't refer to the fact that we may spend countless hours on them to find they contribute little or just point to another mystery....(can't be a complete red herring I guess after 3/31 clue). As for Dragonfly being replaced, I wondered if there was an indirect reference to an order in which deciphering might occur and replacements might suggest you need a different tool or keyword or type of puzzle to go from one creature to the next.
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