In the art work of the title it looks like the word "Faeries" was initially draw as "Faries", without the first "e". Later the "ries" part was moved to the right and a copy of the "e" was pasted between the "Fa" and the "ries". These "e"s are the only letters that have the same background pattern.

Each line of the title is drawn on a similar piece of the background pattern. Look at the horizontal squiggle appearing just above the "e" in "Ye". The same squiggle appears above the "m" in "Nomenclature". Compare the patterns from these squiggles toward the right. They are identical.

The same squiggle appears between the two f's in "of Faeries". The pattern is the same as the other two lines under the letters "of Fa". Skip over the "e" and the pattern continues for the "ries".