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Thread: Possible Cipher Key for 5x5 Grid

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    Default Possible Cipher Key for 5x5 Grid

    I've been doing some thinking regarding the lines of the poem which read:

    "Within the text you have the key."

    And how MS states you can find one of the creatures the same way one of the characters in the book did.

    Well Zac filled the box with stuff from his dream. The dream is what showed him where to go and how to find Ana and what to do. Not an actual physical item or person.

    I believe the cipher key to one of the 5x5 grids is the word "Dream".

    1. The word is within the text.
    2. It does not come within a chapter title (perhaps on purpose).
    3. It is 5 letters long (fits nicely in a 5x5 box).
    4. It is what showed Zac how to find Ana (perhaps showing us how to find the creatures).

    Now what to fill the rest of the box with?

    Anyone else agree or diagree, thoughts?

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    Well, there's so many 5 letter words...

    jewel, trees, light, etc.

    It baffles me.
    "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." (Henry David Thoreau)

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    It would be very cutesy if "the text" was actually a key itself. It's consistent with the kind of thinking that would require the inclusion of the word "HINT" in "HINT: Think repositorys."

    This would be a very simple key: T H E X

    But again, nothing to apply the resulting cipher to. Yet.

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    Default filling the box

    I too thought there was more here. When it said that Zac took these things, and filled the small boxes with them, then was able to see things in a new way I thought of this 25 box matrix. So I wrote a short computer program that allows you to take any words - the names of trees, colors, names of faeries, tools, creatures, etc - and quickly arrange them letter by letter in various size boxes, or groups. Hoping that by looking at them in a new way (arranged differently) it might spell out a clue. So far no luck. If anyone would like to have the program to try it themselves, I'd be happy to share. It's in BASIC.

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