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Thread: "Moon like, moon like. Dreamer one one ending, I cause

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    Default "Moon like, moon like. Dreamer one one ending, I cause

    I have to disagree with this translation!

    "look in me, look in me, under rizing moon, a goulden prize yu will see"

    I'm not sure the right answer yet but I can tell you this isn't it!

    The reason are simple:

    The Hint: Tackle Repositorys negated any punctuation. To asume that "Moon Like, moon like" is one anagram and the rest is another is short sighted.

    Forget the puntuation and focus on the words that are available in the entire sentence. To simply accept this answer is a nieve thing to do.

    I am searching for my clues based on the entirely on the text. After looking at tweleve.org and here on these fourms I am finding too much emphasis placed on the images. The story should revel the answer just as it did to one of the main characters. Zac has a dream and he figures out the answer.

    Based on his experiences and his knowledge of the world around him he is able to 1)understand what the trees are teling him 2)know where to look for the answers 3) find the treasures. And he does it all in a very short peroid of time.

    So looking at that song I have been thinking about what if trees were trying to tell me something.

    They would probably call my name trying to get my attention so I think that "Zac" would be in that anagram. Next I think the trees would try to tell me what is happening and what to look for. So "Golden Prize" is possibly a second word.

    I don't have it all figured out yet but I am certain that the broken English answer isn't it.

    Somehow the song makes sense to Zac in a way that the mist rises to the sky and a been of light appears.

    Several other things to note that the double "ZZ" in this shows that it's an anagram There aren't amny words that can be created with "ZZ" from these letters. Which leads me to believe that they are split up in the conversion.

    By placing one in the word Zac it frees up trying to find a place for both "Zs" the second could be in teh word "prize" While the word "Night" is in these letters so is the word "Noon" since the solution to the problem in the story is solved by Pook pullin Rusful into the sunlight I would think that this is a sign that shows the Noon sun is inportant. Especially since the next paragrahs in the dream talk about the hole in the sky.

    So I don't think giving up on the "Ana"gram is the right thing to do right now! This one is still not solved!

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    "Prize" and "Zip Code" have 2 Zs and they both work.

    There are some parks with a Z in them as well.

    I'm still racking my brain over this months later.

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