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Thread: Look in me... a different way

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    Default Look in me... a different way

    I know it's been suggested that the "moon like" section of the song anagrams to "look in me" and it has been assumed that we should be looking in a mirror or in the knotholes. Perhaps we should be looking in the blacked out spaces (or the remaining spaces) of the puzzle grid/box on the same page.

    Furthermore, we're trying to fill that grid. Looking at the song, is there a way to get 25 things to fill the grid? Yes, there is! Dreamer one on ending, I cause your puzzling. Maybe we should take the word "dreamer" and put it one time at the ending of the "I cause your puzzling" part. That would give us "I cause your puzzling dreamer". Exactly 25 letters. Any thoughts on this?

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    Interesting idea. I actually believe that the grid on that page is supposed to serve as a "window" by cutting out the black squares and laying the entire grid over text.
    My results have been fruitless thus far.

    I guess my question to you is what you would do once you had "I cause your puzzling dreamer" in the box. You have a lot of letters doubled and tripled (in the case of e and u).
    What is the sound of one hand clapping?


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