I am not musically inclined so here is my non-informed thoughts..could the individual tree pictures on pages 18, 24, 27 etc be part of a song to help solve this puzzle? "Moon like, moon like. Dreamer one on ending" sounds like a tempo to me..Maybe it is a state song? I did go through all the state songs today and read the lyrics for each one and have to say that was a dead-end. But if I had to pick a song that had a lot of our clue words in it, It would be from Georgia..Georgia, a SONG of you, comes as sweet and clear as MOONLIGHT through the pines, other ARMS reach out to me, other eyes smile tenderly, still in peaceful DREAMS I see...the road leads back to you. No I am not from Georgia, but I still think it is a beautiful song. (I liked Utah's song too).