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Thread: The Dream Poem Applied to 5x5 Matrix

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    Default The Dream Poem Applied to 5x5 Matrix

    I want to share how I've been filling the 5x5 matrix.

    The first letter of each word from the Dream Poem can be rearranged into OLYMPIC MODEL. These 12 letters can be used to fit around a 13-letter key word or phrase that forms a diamond in the 5x5 matrix.

    'Olympic model' as a phrase is important in many ways. The olympic rings, for example, are the five colors in the Spider puzzle. The colors in order are : Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and Red.

    First, I use a 13 letter Key word, such as Pickensrooter, for example, for the Hummingbird:

    = = P = =
    = I= C= K =
    =O= T= E =
    = = R= =

    Then, I'll fill in the 12 blank spaces around it with something obvious, like OLYMPIC MODEL, or the first part of Ye Nomenclature, something like that, whatever it is I'm working on at that time.

    E- N-S-R-O
    n-O-T-E-c <---- more on this in a second

    Notice on page 41 that the design on the Argyle sock is a diamond grid, or rather, it's a depiction of a 13 -letter root word with a C off to the right.

    When I filled this in, I get the message, NOTE C. The Kooten's fingers are morse-coding the letter C with the holes on the button, and both of the Picken's feet are pointing off to the letter C in the vine. So I suspect that this puzzle is a musical sort of puzzle, where I need to pick out the letters in a C chord, for example. Www.chordfind.com is a good place to start.

    Finding the root key word for the sanctuary was a process. I started with a 5x5, and used the poem to cut it down to size. I finally had a 4x4 (16 letters with one dangling J), similar to the diamond you can see in the salt specks on the container on page 41. There were a couple more steps to get it down to 13. I'm not ready to explain those steps, but I will tell you about the code of numbers.

    The 12 first letters of the Dream Poem: MLMLDOO E IC YP.

    The first letters are Roman numerals, and the two O's are zero's. It comes to 17. The last O is for the word ON (dreamer one ON ending). I needed 16. The poem says, "...an even code with ON piece nary", so I left off the last 0, and have 16 numbers:


    I put those around the outside, and quadrangulated to get a new letter value for each letter.

    There is also a clue on Chapter 13 that has to be used.

    The rest of the 12 letters E IC YP, are period (E), IC which is non-standard short hand for '99, and YP = the author. Believe me when I tell it's 'the author', and you'll be able to figure the Chapter 13 clue that leads to the sanctuary.

    I've been rotating the 13 letter root key word within the 5x5 matrix. I call this the jewel box. I chose PICKENSROOTER for the Hummingbird, because in the Chapter 7 text, the Pickensrooter is behaving like a hummingbird when Ana flips it out the open window and it hovers and bobs, as though on a string (another reference to a musical chord--string).

    The code of numbers for the Hummingbird puzzle is different. I needed 20 numbers for that (5 to a side). Anyway, I have some results, but it's still not quite right. One message: ' HUMV B XX YDS ON ROX'....MS apparently refers to the hummingbird as a HUMV.

    Tonight I'm posting an idea on the Ye Nomenclature page to possibly decode the Flower Faeries section of that book. Also, Renart will be disclosing the poem from the cover of the Ye Nomenclature book.

    I think that the 13-letter root key phrase or word rotates within the 5x5 matrix in 90 degree increments, and that the code of numbers must be reapplied with each rotation to derive new letter values.


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    Wow, that was ...um... a lot of words and math I didn't understand.

    I really think this is quickly fading into "special knowledge" territory here.

    If I ever need to use the word "Quadrangulated" in a sentence to try and figure this out... I quit.

    Your theory is fascinating, but...wow.

    It's not what you are able to do, it is what you are willing to do.

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