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Thread: the filled-in moon page number

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    Default the filled-in moon page number

    this page (BOS 1) as we commonly refer to it has at the bottom, a large filled-in circle (moon?)

    I have forgotten how we determined that this symbol = number 1, but irregardless:

    there is only ONE other BOSpage that has this symbol EXCLUSIVELY:

    and that is BOS 6 (again...is there a symbol=number code somewhere here?)

    however, my point is that if the Introduction page 1 symbol = "1", then perhaps we are intended to read the "Time of the Sygygies" BOS page 6 symbols as "11"?? as in the graphic clue atop the Great Forest page (BOS 2)

    this may further connect these two important BOS pages....along with their similar red italicized font, which I posted on the BOS page 6 thread I recently started

    and don't forget, if we use the number 111 (which does not happen here in the BOS, but DOES in the text)...it is the page which Zac presents the RED diamond ring to Ana...
    and the 11th word on page 111 is RING!
    (as well as the 11th word in the second paragraph)

    how's that for tying together clues for the TOP prize?


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    Quote Originally Posted by packimocity View Post

    how's that for tying together clues for the TOP prize?

    i'd say its a pretty darn good job! i like it a lot actually, i'm gonna take a look at these pages first thing when i get a chance today.

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