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Thread: Let us out

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    Default Let us out

    There are various darkling notes written in the BoS. The one of page 12 is "LET US OUT TO GET RINGS!" This would suggest that the Malic Hest have been imprisoned and want to be released so that they may get the Fairy Rings of Eternal Life. In ATT the Darklings were able to leave the grotto although they seemed to need the orders from Rusful to do so. Once their leader was gone they remained in the cave, but it was fear or just the lack of a leader that kept them there.

    "Without their leader, the wicked Darklings never left the grotto again." ATT

    "Dragonfly was pleased to see that the evil Dark Fairies were still afraid to venture out of the cave." SOTAD

    The "Let us out" part of the handwritten note does not appear to apply in the sense that they were not physically restrained. There has been no mention of a spell cast by the Hest in the past and the Malic Hest have had possession of the BoS for quite some time.

    The note could be a kind of rallying call: "let's all go - let's get those rings".

    The words "let us out" sound like "letters out" (which has been pointed out by someone else). That could be a hint to rearrange the letters of "to get rings". These letters make GET SORTING. That could be a method for tackling the HCB - get sorting on the symbols.

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    I like the way you are working the DW. I haven't tried this approach yet. I did think that maybe the opposites were used in the writings. Thanks for a new approach. I had about given up on them.

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