Alas I am new here, I am not sure where to post these certain things, so I am hoping that here is alright. If I have disrupted order in any way, regurgitating things already noticed, or just being completely useless, I apologize, feel free to send me nasty messages ( a nudge in the right direction might not hurt either...just saying...)

What I've noticed is that on the three eclipse spell pages the illustration ends as though the page was ripped from a book, it only occurs on these three spell pages though. It also seems that the three circles vary in size and fit within one another. Might I even stretch and say they could represent the relative size and overlapping of the celestial bodies responsible for the eclipses( Moon, Earth, Sun). And lets not forget the mini circles(whose tears are equally as interesting) supposedly placed there by Dar or one of the other little evil buggers, they hint at their removal. AH and the lovely " LET US OUT TO GET RINGS!" another possible hint at their removal.
I found it interesting atleast.
of course I get excited when I see shapes in clouds.

okie I'm done.