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Thread: Letters On wing ?

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    Default Letters On wing ?

    The triangular wing section at the base of page 23, appears to have letters running around the edge. This seems different to the other images on the page. Canít quite make out if they are letters or just part of the artwork.

    Invenire et Conservare

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    In the first hunt there were no microscopic clues or writing so I doubt that it is anything.

    11111111 10110101 10000101 11011011 1101010

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    Default Gotta be SOMETHING!

    Well, there has to be SOMETHING in this image. It's one of six two-page image spreads throughout the book. I can't imagine there's NOTHING contained in here.

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    I've tried making out some large letters with the weapons. Using the flaming torch on the left side and the spear and the next weapon there could be an N. The two weapons be themselves could make a V or an X (by going lower) or an H (concentrating on the top).

    The sickle type weapon on the page 23 could be an "r". The last weapon plus the flaming torch could be CH. I was then looking for ARCH, but I'm not convinced that is there.

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    The weapons all seem to me to be making Phases of the moon. I do see some of the letters , but when I look at the weapons I seem to only see moons.

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    Default triangular wing section

    Wizard is right--I looked at the wing sections on page 23, lower left, and the upper triangular wing has--at quick glance--with a magnfying glass the words "great" and "letters" with other letters between them...and the lower wing part has letters too, but i can't make them out clearly--can anyone enlarge the wings and see them?
    Always be nice

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    when i look at the weapons and torches reading left to right i get
    torch - i - two spear things crossed- x- pitch fork- u spear curved head with one crossing-f hatchet spear - T- torch- i

    that gives u fix it

    but then i noticed a ball type weapon on the bottom of page so maybe so maybe the first crossing spears should be y then the ball is o then pitch fork u then the neat spear a combo of fix and the last spear combo of it and the torches then when be stop and start points. hmmm may be a clue to symbols in that the lines used in page 16 are start and stop and the symbols could be more than one letter combined.?

    oh i do see somthing on the wings but i cant make it out.


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    On the lower left of p23, on the wing closest to the viewer, on the left edge I see the word "SEEM" near the middle of the wing edge with the book rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Following the same wing edge toward the bottom of the book, there may be a number or date.

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