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Thread: Notches? Hmmm...

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    Default Notches? Hmmm...

    In looking through the DAR forum regarding the new posted clue, someone said they used a mirror on the page to make something happen. They said to line it up with Zac's suspender clips and the notches on the wood shavings on the side of the page. I did it in both directions, and did not see anything really pop out, possibly a vauge bumblebee. But that does point out those curious notches, and how they line up very well with each other on the sides of the page. No one here to my knowlege has pointed it out, so, thought I would, maybe something can come of it.

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    I had also noticed the notches and did that fold-within-itself trick to see if anything jumped out at me - pulling the page in until the notches touched. It makes a curious little shape at the top when the two angles meet and when done right, the middle of the page turns into a long rectangle of sorts - but danged if it brought on the "Aha!" moment I was hoping for.
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