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Thread: Descend-Arise

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    Default Descend-Arise

    I am not sure if anyone else noticed this, but maybe I'm just not up on my chant spells. I skipped that day in wizardry class.

    In the Eclipse spells, the book is turned upside down and the opposite of the spell occurs, i.e. grow - mold.

    If the book can be turned upside down to reverse an eclipse spell, why is it that Arise-descend are actually two different spells? Why are they not set up like the others where you flip the book and the spell is reversed?

    Any ideas?

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    I think because the two spells were there to perform opposite functions already, therefore did not need "fixing" by the darklings. "We fixed book" refers to the spells that they changed in the book to produce the opposite effect for evil purposes. Ascend and Descend were more of generic spells, that were used for both good and bad purposes.

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    Eclipse spells are different from Chant spells. The powerful Eclipse spells were changed by the Malic Hest. The way they were changed was by turning the pages upside down.

    Chant spells do not seem to have been changed by the Malic Hest. The original Hest could have used an Arise spell or a Descend spell when appropriate of "good" purposes. Dar chose to use those spells for "evil" purposes.

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    Default Why so little?

    It's very interesting that virtually nothing (unless I am missing it), has been posted about the 3 chant spells. There has been a decent amount of brainstorming on all other aspects of the BOS except this. I wouldn't be surprised if some type of instruction is included in these chant spells that we must somehow use before we proceed, which is one of the reasons why everyone is collectively stuck.

    For example, there is an illustration on each of the chant spell pages. Each one has 3 key elements - Line, triangle, circle. With the arise and descend spells, they vary in both order on the page an in dimension (the circle is 3 dimensional on descent, while the triangle is 3 dimensional on Arise). The presence of xy also would seem to heavily suggest the use of a coordinate grid somehow.

    It is something about those graphics that look like instructions or hints to me.

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