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    I don't think a caterpiller is an insect either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenprincess

    I spent most of last night trying to duplicate your results and failed. Could you explain a wee bit more? You say you only got 5 values for the purple berries. How did you manage this? There is a purple berriy in 6 of the 7 possible positions, plus the no-berry position, which gives 7 values.  Are you combining? ignoring some? Help please.

    Green I am not sure how he did his cipher but lets remember we could count up on both sides to keep this in the 5 by 5 count

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    Default berry's

    T.I.M, Did anyone notice that the white berrys, there is only 5 shapes. 1-whole, 2- small whole, 1-half, 1-2 whole togetherand 1-whole and half together. plus the purple berries seem to have 3 different size whole and the half ones could be left or right side making 5 berries, 5x5 maybe. does anyone even understand me!!! Linda
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    I turned this page upside down because of the moon at the top. It is frowning if you keep the page right side up. The web looks a lot like the pyramid on the Chant Spell "Arise", and the arch with the creatures looks a lot like the arched circles...which is the spell used on the creatures so they could save Pook. Just an observation...
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    Just a couple of information tidbits:

    - A caterpillar is an insect

    - In the original hunt, counting the Pook (but not Rusful), 9 of the 13 solutions had "SP" in them.

    Steve (O.A.T.)

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    Default Morse code in arch on page 94?

    I've been experimenting with morse code on the arch at the top of page 94 taking the purple tiles as dots and the spaces between the Forest Creatures without a purple tile as dashes.

    I was encouraged when the right hand side gave me TIME TO.
    On the left hand side the best I could find was TORS which is an anagram of SORT.

    Reading the right hand side in reverse, starting from the ladybug, I got the letters ONMIT. Combining those letters with TORS from the left hand side I formed T MONITORS.

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    This is my first post and it seems pretty insignificant but... the nine creatures (or should I say 18 ) that are in the blue tiles...I don't think they are a mirror of each other. Take a look at the ladybugs. The one on the left is more of a blob, where the right side ladybug is more defined. Comparing some of the the other insects shows differences also. Like the beetle's legs on the right side seem longer then the beetle on the left and the snails antlers on the right side are more defined. It most likely is nothing.

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    i think their the same critters, but what ive never been able
    to figure out is why the real light blue tile [or blob] on the
    left of pg is behind the beetle, and on the right is in front
    of the beetle, almost like the tiles are moving in one of those
    stero things where one goes up the other down and looks the
    same except for a couple of differences

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    Default help finding the Key/legend

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time posting back on this board since ATT finished. I just got my SAD book this week end and I am trying to catch up.

    I love all of the theories and I was wondering if anyone found the ledgend yet?

    I have found the code on this page but I don't know what to base it on to cypher the next part.

    Example: ATT you had the 5x5 box and the alphabet. You then used the cordinates found on the pages to map out letters. I believe I have found the actual cordinates but I don't know if anyone has actually found the key yet.

    I think it has to be a grid struture again simplar to the 5x5 but I can't be sure right now if it is 8x8 or 10x10. I am leaning towards 10x10 based on the cordinates I have found. But what goes in teh 10x10 grid is my problem.

    This has to be simple it just excapes me right now.


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    a while back on this forum, someone (not me!) posted how a 7x7 grid would be composed: also, the original poster didn't put in a Q becuase at that time it was still ATT. I didn't put in a Q here for two reasons:
    1. It wouldn't fit otherwise, and
    2. becuase if this page's code was "like old times" there would be no Q

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