I posted this on ATT, so I thought I would post here too.

I have been done with this hunt the night the spider was found. That day I spent 10 hours driving and looking for the elusive spider because I had a solution using the knots telling me the same park in Michigan as the mushrooms do. How can I prove this? Look at the tea cup on page 41. The solution told me to look at it. Those who know the mushroom solution will see it matches perfectly. And those who have been to the park will notice that page 41 is a map also. It is very hard to figure out, but it is a map.

I figured the puzzle out on May 30th at 3:00 am and was leaving for the park at 5:30 am. We were so sure we had the spider solution. It had to be a 1 in a billion chance that you would come up with a solution, the solution tells you the name of the park and what to look at in the book, and then this thing it tells you to look at matches the park perfectly. Well as you know it wasn't there.

My partner and I have been there many times and it was not there. So when I found out it was missing and then someone posted a different solution that everyone else seemed to get, I just realized MS had planted the biggest red herring in the whole darn book and I found it.

I have ideas about the location, but it not being the spider I really don't care to waste anymore gas. Maybe the page 41 map will lead you to some other clue.

So, I finally get this off my chest and maybe it will help someone else find the Pook-Spider.

Good Luck.