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Thread: The Professor's Journal

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    Default The Professor's Journal

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    Hey, thanks! Nice to see this one get a little props... it is a beautiful little game - I have to admit I'm about done trying to figure it out at this point - but I sure had fun playing til now. At this point the big boys can take over and bring it home.

    I noticed that Rachel put a few translations and clarifications up again. Nothing we didn't really know already,but it is still nice to get some movement.

    Elements I know I have outstanding - 134... 149 of the journal... the numbers on the pentagon thingy and the letters on the pentagram thingies... The second half of 15 in the Study. The manuscript pretty much total.

    Still very cool stuff. And well worthy of more interest from those of you who are truly are good at this. I'd love to see a twelever solve this...


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