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Thread: Extree letters...

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    Default Extree letters...

    Anybody else end up with extra letters at times? I have one code deciphered as:

    And I have no clue what


    I have other words that I might have bad deciphers on too...

    But the thing I was thinking was - what if it singles out which of the three pentagrams on 104-105 to use. Maybe the letters mean nothing other than a mailbox of sorts to point out which location.

    Just thoughts.

    But then again not very good ones since the pentagrams are not in the manuscript and Rachel hints that all the three components are in the manuscript...

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    Yes, I got the extra letter in your first spoiler. Since there were no others, I assumed it was a mistake.

    As for the other one, I assumed it was a name, although I haven't been able to find it. And it has a "b" where you have a "c" (the 1 could be b or c). It's in the word cloud. But it could very well be used in some other way.

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