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Thread: OT but Banner...

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    Default OT but Banner...

    Did anyone ever catch the newspaper clippings behind the top banner? My computer was dodgy the other day and I did a screen capture before the real banner covered them up... they actually extend all the way across. It is intriguing because it plays up what was only hinted at in the journal (maybe a thread of the ARGish nature of the game that was later dropped?)

    There aren't enough complete sentences to really say a whole lot, but the tone emphasizes the political controversy and the painful coincidence with modern societies... It would've been a compelling path. I don't think it is part of the game per se, but it is a fun sidelight since I'm stymied on the real game right now...

    The other thing once the banner comes in is the strange little string of letters...

    Don't know what that means if anything... Probably is some artist's easter egg...

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