Caffeine --

I love the heart, intent, and the spirit that Ron put behind the hunt. Unfortunately, it doesn't make much sense at all from either a financial standpoint or from a fund-raising standpoint if you stop to consider the basic arithmetic of prizes vs probable revenue. If you watch the Dragon's Den bit, that alone tells you everything you need to know.

As someone who loves the book and loves the hunt, the financial side of things resembles the titanic approaching an ice berg to me. Having a $1M prize supported by a mortgage on the author's house (Dragons Den) is as good as having no prize at all IMO. It's no wonder this hunt is being viewed with skepticism, particularly after DAR.

Ron is lucky in one sense -- gold prices are up 50% over the past couple of years. He picked a good time to invest in golden eagles. Let's hope that this profit and other developments can help put this hunt on a sustainable longer term course. We've bought 4 books now. We're doing our part :P