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Thread: Any progress?

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    Default Any progress?

    Hi all.... it's been a while since my wife and I looked at the hunt, but I tend to return every few months to see if anything's up.

    Are there any new clues anywhere? There is nothing new as far as I can see... A little strange that they appear to be letting this hunt die, rather than encouraging at least a single winner. Pretty much zero new participants on facebook in months, almost no activity here.

    Are they getting ready to shut this thing down using their "not enough interest" T&C clause? It would be a great pity. I'd much rather see them reduce the irrational prize award amounts and get this hunt rolling again, than just let it fade away.

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    I'm mostly taking a break at the moment. The real world has requested my presence rather frequently lately. Not to mention the bottomless pit surrounded by the proverbial brick wall was rather unyielding to my most recent attacks at Ch13 1/2 and at the guessing of the sequence. Basically, I seem to be in a nice contemplative mode thinking about my next strategy which has not resulted in any actions as of late.
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