I have a crazy wacked out theory. It's just a theory. There's only a little evidence to support it. But I think it's possible there is a 14th bird - specifically the maltese falcon. Why do I think this? Mostly because if you go to the Maltese falcon summary page, ( https://www.greathunt.com/TheBook/Ch...eseFalcon.html ) and click on the picture of the falcon, you get a nice rotating animation of the bird - just like the Golden Eagle. So I thought... hmm, where did this animation come from? Did the hunt creators have this animation created just this page? That seems like an unnecessary expense for an animation that you don't even know is there unless you click on it. Looks kind of like a real statue too. What if it is? If that's the case I think it's highly unlikely you would have one constructed unless the purpose was to give one away. You're not going to construct a replica of a movie prop just for the purposes of making an animation for an obscure page of your website without even encouraging people to click on it - well, that's the theory anyway?

I have other reasons for thinking this as well - but they are nothing spectacular. Guess I'm just trying to start a thought process here. Perhaps there's somethime more to the animation. Perhaps not. But this could explain the strange fact about chapter 2.