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Thread: How many levels are there?

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    I know nothing, but I think the only way that "the first is equal to the last" and "Alpha = Omega" is for the first(Alpha) being a combination of two keys and the last(Omega) being a combination of two keys. 1+20=2+19=3+18=etc, etc, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meaner simikkles View Post
    Tired of all the theories. Maybe we all need to agree on how many different levels this treasure hunt contains and why. By levels, we mean stages or progressions to solve to get a silver eagle.Some questers have come up with amazingly complex ( and crazy) theories. But what do we KNOW??

    According to the book page xix:" Once you have correctly answered all twenty questions for that chapter the treasure map for that chapter will be made available to you. Arrange the keys from the CHAPTER in the correct ORDER and submit your answer." Simple , right??

    Page xxii: " Be aware- contained in the Book, on the website and at the sponsor's website there are additional clues which will lead to the correct order the keys need to be placed in." Still not difficult- we figured that the other clues would do this.

    TEAM MEANER SAYS 3 levels for a silver eagle because that's all the book says:
    1. Solving chapter trivia questions
    2. Using clues in book, website & sponsor's website for key order on map.
    3. Placing keys in correct order( and being the first to do so) will get you a chance at the silver eagle

    THAT'S IT! Team Meaner believes that everyone is overthinking & over analyzing every bit of info. Maybe we all need to step back & just plain start over!!!!! We have decided to do just that.

    How many levels do YOU believe there are to get a silver eagle ???? Be specific and show your rational for why you believe what you believe!
    Still asking the same question: How many levels do youthink there are to get a silver eagle & why??
    "We may not be first, but at least we are not last!" Meaner Simikkles RULE!

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