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Thread: whats your redhrng?

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    Default whats your redhrng?

    A little off topic, but some delirious thoughts and silly things found along the way...
    These are not real ideas or clues...just silly things I've constructed from staring at this too long lol... curious what else might be out there

    red herring not existman
    zombies are coming run
    give up and get rhum
    twoods get wife an ape

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    Time for a vacation & a nice lonnnnnnnng nap!

    Isn't amazing what you start imagining with this crazy hunt? We, too, have spotted some weird & wild wackiness. Wouldn't it be a kicker if they were the REAL clues??LOL
    "We may not be first, but at least we are not last!" Meaner Simikkles RULE!

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