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Thread: These are the first 10 numbers...in order

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    Let's agree to be careful folks. We need to self regulate a little bit here to keep the hunt from being ruined. The rules are pretty clear about posting direct answers. I would even like to see hints for the weekly clue solves rather than the decoded text posted. Kind of takes the fun out of it. My opionion of course. But I have been working on this for quite a while and was not happy to see the answers posted for everyone. This has to be a game a skill vs. luck. If everyone knows all but the last bit of the answer then it's going to be a mad dash for the maps when the final AHA clue comes out and then it will be all about luck and not skill at all. Collaboration is fine. But keep it private. Don't post answers for the entire world to see. I know Steve didn't mean any harm. I'm more talking about going forward. I think this has been a very well run hunt for a change, and feel bad for Ron with all the complaining about the clues etc. Let's agree to be a little careful. My opinion again of course and it's a free country and all but I hope you agree.

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    Thank you Ron for getting that post removed!

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    Ron posted this on the FB account today and I think it should be passed along on this site. Plus Ron has already addressed the breach on this site ... yet again.

    It has become apparent that some people are posting answer sequences on some web sites. I would like to caution anyone who posts these answers or part of answers, whether they be correct or not, that they can be disqualified from the treasure hunt with or without notice, as per the rules clearly laid out in the book and the web site. I would like to ask the parties that are doing this to remove the posts as soon as possible and to post this comment on the same web sites. This treasure hunt must be fair for everyone! Please read rule 8 (b). Signed Ron Shore Author, and all judges for the contest.

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    Ron really keeps attention to not speed up the hunt;
    I wonder why, knowing we cannot find the eagles without the clues, I mean with only the book. And Ron controls all of these clues.
    After 2 years without any discovery I would tempted to now be frustrated by this position that even requests to not give solutions of the clues.
    These are the rules... Agreed. But in these strict conditions I prefer to call this a "game" more than a "hunt". In all the previous hunts I have participated, the book was necessary and sufficient to discover the treasure. Once we had received it, all means was good to discover the treasure. Here it looks like the first dicovery is controlled, will be allowed when decided. And we are tracked by the time being...
    Hoppefully it is for a good cause.
    Anyway, let's repect the rules or stop playing this game

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    FYI to all: several days ago I contacted Mr. Shore for clarification on my post. I received an answer and the admin(s) of this site were most courteous to me and to Mr. Shore in removing my post. So now I know for sure how far the envelope can be pushed. Which is not to say that I did anything intentionally wrong or I would not have notified Mr. Shore of my concern in the first place. Lesson learned. Enjoy the hunt!

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