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Thread: My best solution for chapter 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by HailQueen View Post
    Wow, such cool ideas around, thinking of blackjack - wouldn't even have occured to me . Good job!

    I feel about the same as merelyviral... but I am not sure if the 2nd invisible ink key was there from the beginning... so without Joys help I'm not sure I would have got the first part right (even if - I did not have "confirmation" until the first two numbers were published from the author). By the way, has anyone found "joyful" help within Chapter 1 of the book?
    Dont think this is a Joy clue, but I found the word "and" strange in the first para. where it says "diner, and he..." If you anagram it you get: "Hidden near" and if you combine this with the Poem letters for para 1, you get: Treasure Hidden Near Here. LOL

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    Ok, did anyone work out what the "baseball" hints were all about?

    Old man wearing a baseball hat, diamond, hit, "right off the bat", etc.

    Lady Lobster and I could only come up with 2 baseball connections:

    1. Key #13 (1876) was the year that the american league in baseball was formed.
    2. Spokane and Pirates were 2 of our keys, and Spokane Pirates are an actual minor league baseball team.

    We were unable to use this information to assist in a solution.

    Also, I'd love to hear what you all thought the "omega key" (as in the LAST key) of the sequence was. Lady Lobster and I pegged a specific number pretty early on, and used it to the very end.

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    im pretty sure it was the number 2

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