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Thread: Chapter 1 Solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post
    The ONLY map clue we had to solve the chapter was the Invisible Ink clue, which is a restatement of Alpha = Omega..
    The proper decoding of the II clue still haunts me. I'd love to see this finally...i put some serious hours into that one alone. Id love a private message to put my mind at ease if its that easy...but I'm not sure I'd believe it... still skeptical. What solution was I working on... the third? (shaking my head at self)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post
    I just feel like I'm missing something.
    The book has many secrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobster View Post
    The book has many secrets.
    I think as other chapters are solved and solutions released, we will see more of what we missed in chapter one.chapter one may in fact be the hardest to solve because we really didn't know what Ron had in store.

    Knowing how chapter one is solved has brought many insights about chapter 2.

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    Greetings from the penthouse suite aboard the beautiful Celebrity Eclipse sailing back to Miami!

    Let's get moving, shall we?

    I FINALLY solved chapter 1, and I've got some ideas to pass along to see it if will help shake Chapter 2 loose.

    'To find your way on the map, keep in mind that
    the first

    is equal to the last'

    'Alpha = Omega'

    The Invisible Ink clue was the only map clue we were given, and as it turns out, it was the only clue we really needed. All the time that I spent on using the concept of the three keys as represented as 'X _ III', I never once considered that this applies to chapter 13 and not individual chapters--seems obvious in hindsight. Right idea, wrong time.

    You know all about an alpha key and an omega key, but the things in front of us are sometimes the hardest to spot.

    Guys, there are three keys, not two.

    Alpha = Omega

    Turn roman numeral II on its side and you have the key in the middle. It consists of two lines--two parts. It will be associated with something that is 'second' or 'missing'.

    For chapter 1, it was literally the 'second key', namely the second question: COOPERS HILL.

    The 'Coopers' referred to the pictures of the two Coopers in the chapter--an example of first = last, no less (old man first; young man last). This gave us the correct pages.

    'HILL' is the second part of the equals key. The 'LL' are line numbers. 'H' and 'I' were 8 and 1.

    This was confirmed for us in three different ways:

    1. The first line contains the 'first ten'; the second line--'ten to twenty minutes' was the 'last ten'. The first and last instances of 'ten' in the chapter.

    2. The first line is an HOUR. The second line is MINUTES. The missing part of this little threesome would be SECONDS--which is exactly what is supposed to be 'missing'.

    3.' At ten o'clock in the morning' and 'ten to twenty minutes' are literally 'two lines' which is a rather good example of an 'equals key'.

    Once you discovered these 'two lines', the final pieces of the puzzle were the paragraph numbers.

    1st line = Paragraph 1 (A = Alpha)
    2nd line = Paragraph 23 (w = lower case Omega)
    Last key - Q = Paragraph 24 ( The 'X' key)

    I think it was important to understand all this because the concept appears to carry forward to other chapters.

    Last word of the three ex-wives chapter.
    First word and last word of Chapter 3 (Charlie and 'sea')

    First = last.

    Keep on truckin',


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